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Your Constitutional Rights

Should you ever find yourself in a situation where someone inquires about your case, how you are involved in a case, what you witnessed, or are about to be placed under arrest or questioned, there are constitutional rights that all citizens should be aware of. The following instructions will guide you so that your actions or words do not cause you to give up any of those rights.

My lawyer has told me not to talk to anyone about my case, to not answer any questions, and to not reply to accusations. Call my lawyer first if you want to ask me any questions, search me or my property, do any examination, do any lineups, or any other I.D. procedures. I do not agree to any of these things without my lawyer present and I do not want to waive or give up any of these constitutional rights.

(Note: Police cannot tell a judge or jury of your silence. If they do, the case may be thrown out of court.)

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