Selection of a Jury

    1. voir dire oath is administered
    2. counsel questions prospective jurors- voir dire
    3. counsel challenges
        - for cause
        - for peremptory (without cause)
    4. jury selection completed
        - 6 jurors, 2 alternates for civil & most criminal trials
        - 12 jurors, 2 alternates for certain offenses
    5. jury impaneling- juror's oath administered to those      chosen for a particular case

The Trial

    1. counsel makes generally brief opening statements, for each side
    2. evidence presented
        - testimony, direct and cross-examination
        - exhibits
    3. closing arguments

Judge's Charge to the Jury

    1. relevant points of law explained
    2. procedures to be used in reaching verdict reviewed

Jury Deliberation

    1. foreman of jury elected, presides over deliberation
    2. jurors discuss freely and open-mindedly, following judge's instructions


    1. in both criminal and civil cases, must be unanimous
    2. presented in writing in civil cases, verbally in criminal cases
    3. jury foreman presents to the court

Exerpts from publication titled "Connecticut Courts", from the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch. The booklet is based upon the laws and operations of the judicial system at the time of its publication.

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